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Family Violence Coordinating Councils, at both the state and local/circuit levels, provide a forum to improve the institutional, professional and community response to family violence including child abuse, domestic abuse, and elder abuse. Councils provide professional education and prevention; coordinate interventions and services for victims and perpetrators; and contribute to both the improvement of the legal system and the administration of justice.

Domestic Violence

Elder Abuse

People with Disabilities

Sexual Abuse

Child Abuse

Other Resources

  • DHS: Illinois Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) Protocol Programs
  • Illinois Automated Victim Notification
  • Illinois Department of Human Services
  • Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Illinois State Police
  • Office of the Illinois Attorney General
  • Office for Victims of Crime
  • Office on Violence Against Women
  • Vera Institute of Justice
  • DHS Protocol for Approved Partner Abuse Intervention Programs
    The Department of Human Services funds and/or monitors Partner Abuse Intervention Programs across the state. These programs provide domestic violence perpetrator services such as assessment, individual and group education, and case coordination with referral sources. These services help perpetrators accept responsibility, modify abusive attitudes and beliefs, and give them tools to become and remain, healthy non-abusive partners and parents. All protocol approved programs must adhere to the standards established in Administrative Rule 89, Section 501.
    The following is a statewide list of programs that comply with the Illinois Protocol for Partner Abuse Intervention Programs. Also included is information on our funded domestic violence victim programs. The listing is organized by judicial districts. Consult the enclosed map to identify the judicial district which serves your county and correlates to the program service area. Sections of the list can be printed by highlighting the desired text, selecting print, selection.
    Please contact the Bureau of Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention at 217-557-8306, if a different version is required or additional information is needed. Inquiries about protocol compliance may be directed to Teresa Tudor at 217-558-6192.
    Download: PAIP Listing - December 2012