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Strategic Direction for Enterprise Information Sharing 2009-2012

The Planning and Policy Committee has spent the last year reviewing, modifying, and reaffirming the IIJIS vision, mission, values, and guiding principles. The Strategic Direction for Enterprise Information Sharing 2009-2012 report captures and defines for the State of Illinois what a justice information system must embrace and takes into account the many challenges that exist, by clearly outlining goals and defining the desired environment of the future of Illinois.

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IIJIS ENews September 2010 Newsletter

Would you like to be a part of a dynamic group of justice professionals working to create solutions for local and statewide information sharing needs? Join the Illinois Integrated Justice Information System initiative! Click the link to view the IIJIS ENews newsletter and to learn more about the project.

Join us in the effort to create a statewide integrated justice system


IIJIS Implementation Board Membership Information and Organizational Chart

The Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJIS) Implementation Board membership information and organizational chart were recently updated.

IIJIS 2009 Summit on Integrated Justice System

The Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJIS) Implementation Board sponsors a one-day summit on justice integration. The purpose of this summit is to update and educate members of the justice community about integrated information sharing, the IIJIS initiative, and the importance of improving the quality, accuracy, accessibility, and timeliness of criminal justice information. The Summit includes stakeholders from across Illinois, nationally recognized experts in the criminal justice community presenting best practices and national trends, exhibitors demonstrating the newest technological solutions in criminal justice and information sharing, and practitioners sharing experiences about integration projects currently underway in their jurisdictions.

IJIS Institute and SEARCH Technology Assistance Report

In February 2004, the IIJIS Implementation Board formally requested technical assistance from the IJIS Institute and SEARCH. In response to that request advisors from the IJIS Institute and SEARCH conducted a site-visit of the IIJIS initiative in June of 2004. During their three-day site-visit, the advisors met with several IIJIS members and stakeholder agency representatives to observe presentations and get answers to any questions they had. In August, the advisors drafted and provided a Technology Assistance Report, which contains several recommendations which were reviewed and discussed by the IIJIS Implementation Board at their last meeting in October.

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New Publications

"2011 Annual Report"

Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJIS) 2011 Annual Report

The Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJIS) 2011 Annual Report outlines the current activities of the IIJIS Board toward the enhanced sharing of justice information throughout Illinois.

[PDF (15 pp.) ]

"Privacy Policy Guidance Volume 1"

Privacy policy guidance for Illinois integrated justice information systems

This report concentrates on the traditional justice information sharing because this data underlies the day-to-day operation of the justice system. Specifically, this report: identifies and discusses several of the privacy issues confronting the enhanced collection, analysis, and sharing of justice information made possible by advancing computer technologies; sets forth the types of information sharing that are mandated by existing federal and state requirements; and contains the Privacy Policy Subcommittees recommendations concerning the proper treatment of justice information.

[PDF (73 pp.) ]

IIJIS Informational Brochure

Information is the backbone of every aspect of the public safety process. Justice cannot be fairly and properly administered without complete and accurate information.

In today's public safety processes, many inadequacies exist in the collection, storage, and dissemination of information needed to make justice administration decisions, deploy resources, improve operational effectiveness and most importantly, protect citizens.

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