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Smartpass Installation Instructions

Warning: In August 2004, Microsoft updated their Windows XP operating system with Service Pack 2 (SP2). SP2 has a bug which conflicts with virtual private network software, including SmartPass. Therefore, prior to installing SmartPass, you need to check if you are running Windows XP, SP2 on your computer.

To check the operating system and service pack on your computer, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > System, and read System Information on the General tab.

If Windows XP SP 2 has been installed on your computer, YOU MUST APPLY THE MICROSOFT FIX before installing SmartPass. To download and apply the fix, go to:;EN-US;884020.

To install Smartpass on your computer, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the link below and PRINT THE DIRECTIONS!
  2. Download and install SmartPass.
  3. Register SmartPass.*
  4. Contact the Authority to enable your new SmartPass account.*

*Steps 3 and 4 may not be necessary if you are upgrading the SmartPass token.

Click on the following links for directions, the SmartPass installation program, and the SmartPass Registration page:

  • Download DIRECTIONS for installing SmartPass 5.1. (for XP Users)
  • Download Smartpass 5.1 (.zip file)
  • Download DIRECTIONS for installing SmartPass 5.2. (for VISTA Users)
  • Download Smartpass 5.2 (.zip file)
  • Register SmartPass token. (DO NOT re-register if you are upgrading an earlier version of SmartPass.)
  • Please contact the ICJIA Information Systems Unit (ISU) Help Desk at 312-793-8550 or Email if you have any questions or if you need assistance.

    News & Publications

    News & Publications

    Analysis of Shelter Utilization by Victims of Domestic Violence-Quantitative Analysis

    The Analysis of Shelter Utilization by Victims of Domestic Violence project was funded by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) in the spring of 2008 to address two primary issues: 1) The shelter and service utilization patterns and outcomes and housing needs of women who are domestic violence victims, and 2) the stages in the process by which they make changes in their situation.

    [PDF (230 pp.) ]

    Assessment of the Current Response to Domestic Violence in Chicago

    The following are a post-recording of the presentation given at the DVACC Summit Series opening October 8, 2009 in Chicago.

    [View the Presentations ]

    InfoNet database reveals Illinois domestic violence victim demographics, trends

    While physical abuse was the top primary presenting form of abuse for domestic violence victims seeking services between 1998 and 2005, victims seeking assistance for emotional abuse increased from 25 percent in 1998 to 41 percent in 2005, according to InfoNet, a web-based data collection and reporting system used by victim service providers in Illinois.

    [PDF (2 pp.) ]

    The response to domestic violence - Updated protocol aids law enforcement officials, state's attorneys, and the judiciary in addressing abuse issues

    The impact of domestic violence on society reaches far beyond devastation inflicted on the lives of its victims and their children. Its adverse impact extends to the health care, criminal justice, court, child welfare, mental health, and social service systems.

    [PDF (8 pp.) ]

    Analysis of InfoNet Data from Domestic Violence Agencies: Executive Summary

    This summary highlights the findings from analysis of domestic violence service data obtained by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) through its InfoNet system between the period of January 1, 1998 and December 11, 2005.

    [PDF (43 pp.) ]

    Analysis of InfoNet Data from Domestic Violence Agencies: Full Report

    The analyses presented here were conducted in order to look more fully at these issues. They build upon our previous work examining both domestic violence data and sexual assault/abuse information for the Illinois Criminal Justice and Information Authority. The domestic violence data with which we worked made clear that there were differences in the circumstances of abuse, paths into referral and assessed service need for some groups, including victims of color versus those who were White, older versus younger victims and victims in rural settings compared to those in Cook County.

    [PDF (165 pp.) ]

    Web-based Technology Paves the Way to Better Services for Victims of Crime

    Millions of dollars are designated for victim services each year in Illinois, but until recently it’s been hard to accurately measure the benefit of those funds on clients and programs. Limitations in the collection and analysis of data made it difficult to track trends in victimization and direct resources to where they were most needed.

    [PDF (8 pp.) ]

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