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press  |   Criminal justice, health services stakeholders convene for Data-Driven Health & Justice Conference

Published: December 8, 2016

CHICAGO—December 8, 2016: The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) and the Illinois Hospital Association will host a conference Friday, Dec. 9, on innovations that local governments and states are using to address the costly and harmful over-reliance on incarceration for people who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

news  |   Authority Event: Conference for Partnerships & Strategies to Reduce Violent Crime

Published: August 31, 2015

Multidisciplinary teams are invited to a conference on innovative approaches to serious crime and high levels of gun violence Nov. 4-5, 2015, in Peoria.

sites  |   Conference on Illinois Partnerships and Strategies to Reduce Violent Crime

The Authority invites you to a conference for local governments on innovative approaches to serious crimes and high levels of gun violence. Participating jurisdictions must bring a multidisciplinary team to learn from national and local experts. Participating jurisdictions may be eligible for funding and technical assistance to develop and implementing the focused and collaborative strategies that will be discussed. The conference wil be held November 4-5, 2015 in Peoria, Illinois.