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ICJIA Administered Grant Programs

The Federal and State Grants Unit (FSGU) oversees the federal and state assistance programs that the Authority administers, including 10 federal initiatives (the Byrne Memorial Fund, the Victims of Crime Act, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, the Violence Against Women Act, etc.) and the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act. FSGU is responsible for developing program strategies, recommending programs to be funded, and monitoring all awards.

For more information about ICJIA administered grant programs, please call the Authority, 312-793-8550 or email

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FSGU Grant Tracker

Use our interactive tool to sort and view federal grants administered by ICJIA.

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Grant opportunities database

Use our interactive tool to view the latest state and local grant opportunities.

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Grant technical assistance

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Federal & State Grants Unit: A guide for grantees (PDF)

Program Goals, Objectives, and Performance Indicators: A guide for grant and program development (PDF)

How to Successfully Obtain Grant Funding -- And Be Glad You Did: Keys to successful grant applications (PDF)

Neighborhood Recovery Initiative Grant Materials and Reporting Training Webinar

S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women (VAWA) In Illinois -- A Multi-Year Plan: FFY10-12 (PDF)



NEW RESOURCE: State of Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency resource portal for victim service agencies seeking to build organizational capacity. View >>


Grantee Civil Rights Information

As a condition of the receipt of federal grant funding through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA), ICJIA grantees must comply with civil rights laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination. The following sections provide information and links to websites that will be helpful to ICJIA grantees in complying with these civil rights requirements.

ICJIA's Federal Grant Guidelines

ICJIA's Federal Grant Financial Guidelines are now available on line. These guidelines are prepared to assist recipients of federal grant funds from the Authority administer their programs consistent with federal laws and regulations, state laws and the Authority's policies.

A Grant Proposal Guidebook: Planning, Writing and Submitting a Grant Proposal

As a grantmaking agency, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority regularly receives and reviews program descriptions and budgets. Sometimes these are wonderful - we know what is wanted and why, and what results to expect if federal funds are awarded. Too often, however, the writer misses the mark - even though the problem he or she hopes to address is important. If you've been asked to prepare a grant proposal and don't know where to begin, or if you're looking for a quick refresher, this booklet is for you. It is not definitive, but it does describe the basics of a grant proposal and how to go about putting it together.