Adult Redeploy Illinois Webinars


Adult Redeploy Illinois New Site Training – Two Part Webinars

Webinar 1 – The grant process and required reporting:

Lead facilitators: Grant monitor and Program Manager (Cindy Puent and Lindsey LaPointe)
Suggested audience: Site level staff responsible for grant paperwork, fiscal reporting, and data reporting (e.g. grant administrators; program coordinators; probation directors, assistance directors or chief managing officers; fiscal staff at probation or county).

  • Brief overview of grant process and cycles
  • Fiscal reporting and fund disbursement
  • Quarterly data reporting
  • Questions & answer

Webinar 1 Recording from Tuesday, February 10, 2015:

  • Click play to view Webinar 1 Recording: The grant process and required reporting.

Handout Documents from Webinar 1:

Webinar 2 – Data collection and performance measurement:

Lead facilitators: Research Analyst and Program Director (Rebecca Skorek and Mary Ann Dyar)
Suggested audience: Site level staff responsible for entering data (e.g. probation officers) and site level coordinators (e.g. program coordinators, probation directors).

  • Purpose and importance
  • Required data
  • ARI data base or county system
  • Training on ARI database
  • Possible uses of ARI data
  • Technical assistance available
  • Questions & answers

Webinar 2 Recording from Wednesday, February 11, 2015:

  • Click play to view Webinar 2: Data collection and performance measurement.

Handout Documents from Webinar 2:

If you need the ARI Access database, and any related training or questions, please contact:

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